Glass // PropCulture Review

Do you like ridiculous twists? how about fantastical turns? Do you like being tossed around emotionally like a rag doll produces in the 1930s? Then you will probably at least mildly enjoy the "final" installment (we will see about that) of M. Night Shamalamading-dongs epic real life super hero trilogy. Titled "Glass" this movie is the continuation of Disney's "Unbreakable" (7.5/8 Tentacles Up) and Universal Pictures "Split" (7/8 Tentacles Up) and follows the story of 3 people who all believe themselves to be superhuman in one way or another. While Unbreakable is really the origin story for David Dunn or The Overseer (Bruce Willis) and Split is the origin story for Kevin Crumb and his dozen or so other personalities, Glass gives us a better look at Elijah Price or better known as Mr. Glass and what he truly brings the the table. Without giving away spoilers Glass has done a fantastic job, as the other two films have done, of adding a layer of uncertainty into each film that keeps even the most astute film critic wondering "where the Frick is MNS going with this..." and this movie might just take the cake in that department. Although the movie was not perfect, I found myself for the most part sucked into the world and believing these men are what they believe they are. The biggest area of detraction from the film for me was the special effects work, the building they used as the big draw for the end (you will see what I mean) looked like it was copy and pasted out of the original blade-runner, and I don't mean that in a good way. Some of the fight scenes consisted of pushing and shoving while they tried to sell it as an epic struggle between to superhuman beings. Out side of that I could not find any reason for the critic scores to be as low as they were. If you are reading this it is because you know Rotten Tomatoes to be a complete scam, giving glass a mere 35%, thats complete bull shit and we all know it. Glass, is well thought out and the acting performance of James Mcavoy alone deserves a better rating than 35%. Rotten Tomatoes can go suck it... Primes Prop Culture rating 7/8 Tentacles Up. Once again thanks to Phoenix Theaters for sponsoring our reviews! Check them out