The Upside // PropCulture Review

On a slow Wednesday night my wife suggested we go see a movie, we are already scheduled to review Glass the next day on opening night so with limited choices available that we had not already seen, we opted to see "The Upside". This movie stars Kevin Hart and Dell Scott and Bryan Cranston as Phillip Lacasse. Classified as a "Dramedy", it follows a depressed quadriplegic and a former felon turned life auxiliary (thats fancy talk for someone who works as a caretaker). I will start by saying that this is much different than my standard no holds bars action flicks that I normally review, and while yes I do enjoy a good drama from time to time, my readers typically don't care about my insights with those style films. On top of that movies such as the Up Side don't have much room for Prop placements in my line of business, if you know what I mean... But putting all that aside, The Upside hit on a lot of high notes and left both my wife and I feeling good (which is really what the movies should do for people), so I wanted to not only give it a review but also give a little background on the "true story" its based on. 

While it is true The Upside is not immediately based on the lives of two people named Dell and Phillip, it is based on a foreign film that is based on the lives of two real people. So being a true story is a loose term when it comes to this film (as it is with most true stories). Don't let that detract from the story itself though, as The Upside is a movie that brings perspective, mortality, and friendship to the big screen in a time when I believe people could use all three of those things. The acting was close to perfection, Bryan Cranston never ceases to amaze, being able to play such rolls as Walter White (Breaking Bad), Hal Wilkerson (Malcolm in the Middle), and Tim Whatley (Seinfeld), and now a billionaire quadriplegic. On the other side of the script you have Kevin Hart playing former convict Dell Scott, Kevin is typically cast into funny little man roles (Jumanji, The Wedding Ringer, Central Intelligence) so playing a hardened former criminal in a serious drama was a surprise. Kevin Hart is extremely talented and one of the hardest workers in Hollywood though and that showed through the corse of the movie, I all but forgot his former roles throughout 90% of the move (there are a couple scenes when the vintage funnyman shined through and not in a bad way). All in all The Upside features good if not great acting, a storyline that does not disappoint and while its not my typical movie choice I am very glad I had the chance to view the film on a slow Wednesday evening with my beautiful wife. All in all I would tell you to see The Upside, if not in the theater then at least when it is available on digital/DVD, you won't regret it. Primes Prop Culture Rating - 6.5/8 Tentacles up!