Public Relations and Marketing Consulting


Public Relations and Marketing Consulting

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The Leviathan team will act on behalf of the client in all public relations related aspects of the business. The purpose of this is to continue to promote a positive and brand specific message to the industry and customer base. Leviathan will handle all client related messages as well as maintain and develop a strong base of communication with the various industry media outlets.

New product and client related press releases will be written and distributed through the Leviathan network. All requests for information and product samples for review will flow through the Leviathan team in order to minimize the amount of day to day communications required from the client to the public.

Client will receive advice and consulting in regards to management of social channels but will retain control of daily content submissions and customer engagement. The Leviathan team will utilize state of the art insight comparison software and review client’s social channel activities to provide consistent feedback and direction for growing customer engagement and a strong social network. In addition, client will have access to consulting and negotiation as needed for advertising and sponsorship rates, utilizing the leverage of the Leviathan network to provide the best possible placement and pricing.

Quarterly or monthly promotions to increase customer engagement and traffic through client social channels will be provided in higher tier packages.

The Leviathan team will fully utilize our always increasing network of content providers, photographers and influencers to produce dynamic and original content for the client’s social channels. Client will receive monthly product content for use at their discretion on social channels and marketing materials. Larger scale projects are available at an additional cost on a case by case basis.

New product and client specified items will be distributed to strategic social influencers and media contacts, in order to provide the most direct and impactful coverage and exposure of the product on behalf of the client. This is done to maximize the engagement and directly target the specific demographic it is intended for.

The overall goal of the Public Relations package is to eliminate the need for the client to handle day to day media relations as well as actively work to grow and promote a healthy and positive market perception of the brand, while increasing awareness and overall company exposure.

(**some items listed are package specific and not inclusive of all levels**)

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