Influencer Management Program


Influencer Management Program

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The overall objective of the Leviathan Group is developing the client’s brand and increasing

brand awareness in the marketplace. Be it through dynamic social content or direct influencer

feedback, the goal remains the same. With strong engagement to the client’s key

demographic and analysis of insights we will work to build a strong foundation on social

channels and strive to drive sales back to the client with new and returning customers.

Using our dedicated social influencers to direct customers and educate about the product as

well as provide positive feedback of the products and the brand through social media

channels. A relationship will be built with the client and influencers in order to develop trust

with the viewer base and thus increase brand recognition and awareness. Sponsored

influencer’s will refrain from posting any negative information regarding the client’s product or

brand, should an issue arise with a product, the influencer will provide feedback to the client


Client will have the ability to create affiliate programs and access to exclusive customer bases

as well as a heavily vetted demographic, specifically catered to the influencer and their topics.

Leviathan Group Social Influencers are required to have, on average, over 100,000 subscribers

to qualify for access to the group. This type of vast coverage allows the client to reach levels of

unique viewership exposure that traditional print media cannot.

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